T-innovation Partners

The partners in T-Innovation have decades of experience of  working with the world's leading technology firms to launch and commercialize products in some of the most competitive markets in the world.   Experience has taught that the most successful products are those that take proven technologies from one field and apply them to another, working with a network of cost-effective suppliers for production. This combination of lateral and supply-driven innovation is what we call T-innovation. 

Electrical Energy Management Solutions

Our clients benefit from lower cost of electricity through the use of innovative products for monitoring and control of electrical systems as well as generation of solar electricity. We focus on small/medium industrial, residential and commercial businesses who will benefit from analysis of circuit-by-circuit electricity use patterns and implementation of low-cost automation and control systems. 

Who We Are

Private Equity and Advisory 

We advise and  invest in early-stage companies where we can help to commercialize and launch products using the T-innovation approach. Our focus is on electronics hardware  in clean-tech, specifically in the fields of electricity generation, conservation and management.  We will often use these products in our Electrical Energy Management Solutions Business.